Did You Actually Grow Up In The ’80s?

Can you prove you were raised in the greatest decade to be a kid: the ’80s?!

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Christina Lu for BuzzFeed / Via thinkstockphotos.com

  1. Christina Lu for BuzzFeed
    1. ✓ The greatest cartoon of all time.
    2. ✓ The best treat you could have on a hot day.
    1. Via scaryforkids.com ✓ A more horrifying image than this.
    2. Walt Disney Pictures ✓ Or a more traumatizing movie moment.
    1. NBC ✓ This was must-see TV.
    2. Image Entertainment ✓ The best reason to get up early on Saturday mornings.
    1. Via jostweb.com ✓ Your first iPad.
    2. Warner Bros. ✓ Wanting a Mogwai as a pet, because you knew you could totally take care of one.
    1. Via forums.doyouremember.co.uk ✓ A more refreshing soda.
    2. Viacom ✓ The deep-down feeling you had that you could totally beat the obstacle course on “Double Dare.”
    1. Via imremembering.com ✓ The joy of biting into the greatest cookie ever made.
    2. Via Facebook: ClearlyCanadian ✓ Feeling fancy while drinking Clearly Canadian.
    1. Universal Pictures ✓ Believing the urban rumor that hoverboards were real and that parents were keeping them out of the market for fear kids would get hurt.
    2. Via foodiggity.com ✓ The deliciousness of Ecto Cooler.
    1. Via stackingbooks.com ✓ The fear that one day you might get a substitute teacher like Miss Viola Swamp.
    2. ✓ Somehow finding ALF both funny and terrifying.
    1. Via collectingcandy.com ✓ Seeing how much gum you could stuff in your mouth at once.
    2. ABC ✓ Quoting Cousin Balki in his accent, of course.
    1. Via dollinfo.com ✓ Being able to sing along to the My Buddy and Kid Sister commercial.
    2. pinterest.com ✓ The greatest toy store ever.
    1. Via paddle8.com ✓ Never having enough Swatch Watches. NEVER. ENOUGH.
    2. Via womansday.com ✓ The importance of getting the perfect peg on your jeans.
    1. Via etsy.com ✓ All the amazing art you created with this.
    2. Via jeffreysgrovepta.org ✓ Having to convince adults to buy these little guys.
    1. NBC ✓ How you got goosebumps every time you heard this theme song.
    2. Via theknurd.com ✓ Having to blow into your NES cartridges in order to get them to work.
    1. Via wordpress.com ✓ The demonic voice Teddy Ruxpin made when his batteries were low.
    2. Via mentalfloss.com ✓ The hard work that went into getting your Popple into his ball shape.
    1. Via NBC ✓ Wanting to be as cool as Punky!
    2. NBC ✓ And to have an awesome treehouse like her.
    1. Via static.squarespace.com ✓ Skipping to the end of a “Choose Your Own Adventure” book to make sure you made the right decision.
    2. Walt Disney Television ✓ A reason why you looked forward to Sundays.
    1. Via collectingcandy.com ✓ You made this part of your nutritious breakfast.
    2. Via rediscoverthe80s.com ✓ Showing off your sticker collection book.
    1. Via thinkofthat.net ✓ The excitement you got whenever you saw this sight…the HOLY GRAIL of shopping destinations.
    2. Via lobablanca.com ✓ Your first big kid toy!
    1. ls1gto.com ✓ Crashing into everything while riding this.
    2. Via underscoopfire.com ✓ Almost breaking your ankles while jumping on this.
    1. Nickelodeon ✓ A more awesome way to learn about science.
    2. Children's Television Workshop ✓ Or a more awesome way to learn math.
    1. Via edgaps.org ✓ Having to decided whether to be a banker or a farmer.
    2. Via pinterest.com ✓ The endless amount of fun you had with your farm.
    1. Via etsy.com ✓ This was the best thing to listen to your book and tapes on.
    2. Via askmehelpdesk.com ✓ The toy that also doubled as a sponge.
    1. Via etsy.com ✓ Boots not only fit for snow, but also the moon.
    2. Via wordpress.com ✓ The coolest gloves you ever owned. THEY CHANGED IN THE COLD!
    1. Via vaultsofgrayskull.co.uk ✓ The most badass castle ever created.
    2. Via collectingcandy.com ✓ Gum that made you instantly thirsty.
    1. mustardseeds.typepad.com ✓ The perfect magazine to pass the time with.
    2. Via pinterest.com ✓ The magazine that made you feel like a cool kid.
    1. Via muppet.wikia.com ✓ A more enjoyable group of friends.
    2. Via artskooldamage.blogspot.com ✓ Playing on one these bad boys.
    1. Sony Pictures ✓ A villain you couldn’t help but love.
    2. Columbia Pictures ✓ And villain you wanted to punch in the face.
    1. Via wordpress.com ✓ The ugliest doll you learned to love.
    2. Marvel Productions ✓ Jem, the ultimate rockstar.
    1. Via epguides.com ✓ Wanting to have powers like Evie.
    2. Via icecreamsource.com ✓ Eating ice cream at school with a wooden spoon thing.
    1. Via ioffer.com ✓ The perfect sleeping companion.
    2. Via rhymeswithnerdy.com ✓ The only reason you ate raisins.
    1. Via planetpm.webring.com ✓ The most epic board game ever.
    2. Via etsy.com ✓ Pocket Rockers: The original iPod.
    1. Via themoatblog.com ✓ Remembering to “just say no.”
    2. 20th Century Fox Television ✓ Imitating Vicki’s robot voice.
    1. Via imisstheoldschool.com ✓ Your most prized collection.
    2. Via imremembering.com ✓ The perfect marriage between books and pizza.
    1. ✓ The perfect marriage between books and TV.
    2. Via i.imgur.com ✓ The worst roller skates to learn to skate on.
    1. Via sirthriftalot.blogspot.com ✓ The rubbery smell of your eraser collection!
    2. Via parentpretty.com ✓ The plasticky feel of puffy stickers.
    1. Via mrcenterswall.blogspot.com ✓ Getting lost in the world of “Sweet Pickles.”
    2. Via brandedinthe80s.com ✓ Your first spell check.
    1. Via urlesque.com ✓ Troll and Scholastic book order forms: The original Amazon.
    2. 20th Century Fox Television ✓ The power of the Care Bear stare.
    1. Via Entertainment Rights ✓ Even though they were brother and sister, you thought He-Man and She-Ra made a hot couple.
    2. Warner Bros. ✓ The greatest adventure any group of kids could have.
    1. Via x-entertainment.com ✓ That Shrinky Dinks were a quintessential rainy day kids craft project.
    2. Via liketotally80s.com ✓ Two words: Trapper Keeper.
    1. Via imremembering.com ✓ Using your slap bracelet as both a fashion accessory and a weapon.
    2. Via genxtinct.com ✓ The heavenly smell of a freshly scratched Scratch ‘n Sniff sticker.

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Did You Actually Grow Up In The ’80s?

  1. Hmmm….sorry, but I don’t think your an ’80s kid. Please take our “Did You Actually Grow Up In The ’90s?” quiz, you might have better luck there.

  2. You’re not totally an ’80s kid, but you did get to experience some very cool ’80s kids things.

  3. You’re a total ’80s kid and you probably rock that badge proudly. You also know there was no better decade to be a kid.

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