18 Dogs Who Insist On Maintaining Eye Contact While Taking A Dump

1. “Whoever smelt it dealt it, AM I RIGHT, JEREMY??? No. No, that was me. I’m sorry.”

2. “You’ve got the face of an angel, you know that?”


3. “I shit my pants at Disney World one time. True story.”

4. “What was that? Did you say something? I thought you said something. It sounded like you said something.”

5. “This is nice, Brenda.”

6. “I’ve literally never noticed how much you look like Ben Franklin until right this second.”

7. “No! We don’t have to finish this conversation later, are you kidding?? By all means, continue.”

8. “You would tell me if I was getting fat, right?”

9. “I’ll be sure to shoot for decaf next time! [HA] [HA HA].”

10. “I texted him like five times last night and he didn’t respond, so I don’t know, we might not be dating.”

11. “It’s chilly out.”

12. “Drop it, drop it low, girl. Drop it, drop it low, girl. Ha, I’m just kidding. I’m taking a shit.”

13. “A little bit of Monica in my life, a little bit of Erica by my si..Oh. Hi.”

14. “You know I didn’t really mean you have hair like Einstein’s. IT WAS A JOKE.”

15. “Should I instagram this?”

16. “How bout’ them Lakers…”

17. “A little more leeway, please. Yeah, no, more than that. K. Even more than that, though.”

18. “Leafy greens, ya feel me??”

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