The 17 SWAG-Est Things At Joe Biden’s Private Christmas Party

Vice President Joe Biden is known for his full SWAG.

So why should the Biden Christmas party be any different?

The vice president’s residence, 1 Naval Observatory Circle.

1. To get into the party, you have to check in at this SWAG gate.

2. Once inside, you shall find CHANDELIER SWAG.

4. Also guy texting on the piano SWAG.

5. Biden tree SWAG, where his ornaments are actual pics of other Vice-P’s.

6. The VP party bathrooms have VP SWAG napkins.

7. People taking selfies in the fancy VP bathroom SWAG.

8. There is an area to mail letters to soldiers, thanks Red Cross.

9. Full on JFK Christmas fireplace SWAG.

Makes for a great photo!

10. Once it gets dark out the house has full light-up SWAG.

And you can really see the band!

11. If you have been good this year, you may get a pair of Joe Biden Cufflinks.



But you will have to go to the White House to get full dog cookie SWAG.


12. There is a meeting room where you get a photo with the vice president. It looks like this.

There are giant jars of candy SWAG in there.

13. Before meeting with veep, you stand under this mistletoe.


14. When you meet Joe, you might see a TV personality.

Genevieve Gorder.

15. And if you’re a kid, you can meet Uncle Joe, too!

…actually, you just want all the candy.

16. If you are a journalist covering the veep, you may get some special holiday cheer.

17. And if you’re lucky, your mom will also get full Biden SWAG.

And you can talk about your mom’s crush on VP.

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