25 DIY Halloween Costumes Guaranteed To Keep You Warm

1. Marty McFly

A puffy vest and multiple layers are requirements, not hindrances.

2. Where’s Waldo (or Walda)

It’s basically striped long johns, a hat, and hipster glasses. And you really don’t need to do that with your face.

3. Macklemore

You seem to like thrift shopping, so go find yourself a nice (/awful) fur coat.

5. Max from Where The Wild Things Are

For a grown-up version, buy a polar fleece onesie and add a crown.

6. Totoro


Get a grey hoodie, apply felt strategically, and prepare yourself for an onslaught of hugs.

7. Headless Person

You’re gonna get so hollered at. Directions here.

8. Sweeney Todd

Meat cleaver optional. And bonus: You’ll have everything you need (including the Johnny Depp scowl) for…

9. Edward Scissorhands

You can go with cardboard scissors or spring for a pair of gloves.

10. Satan

Save this pattern for the most sub-zero of climates.

11. Octopus

You can make this yourself out of dollar-store hoodies.

12. Panda

Again, a sweatshirt is your greatest ally.

13. Garden Gnome


Replete with a polyfill beard to keep your chin as warm as your belly.

14. Robber and Bag of Money

In case you happen to have a baby or a dog or a very teeny friend. Directions here.

15. Santa

Cross-holiday pollination (hollination) is what makes this country great.

16. Legos

This is a fairly involved costume, but you’ll be able to smirk from deep within your giant mask at all the half-dressed miserable people flooding the streets.

17. MAC Foundation

Con: You can’t use your arms. Pro: You could have a whole snowsuit on under there.

18. Knight

Buy this impressive garment or get a no-sew pattern here.

19. Mario and Luigi

Or Wario, I guess, if you must. All you need is a red or green thermal, a matching hat, and a pair of overalls. Embellish/adopt an annoying accent at will.

20. Sim

Just print out a plumbob and wear it with your normal clothes.

21. Shark

Get the super-easy directions here.

22. And if you grab a couple of friends and run around in a circle of destruction all night, you can be…

23. Care Bears

Perfect for a whole cozy family.

24. Log Lady and Log

All you need is a shawl-collared sweater and either a log or a tiny human you can swaddle in brown cloth.

25. Mummy

The classic; this costume uses a base of thermal underwear for maximum snuggliness.

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