23 Halloween Costumes You Should Consider Before Wearing The Miley Cyrus Look

2. A bottle of ketchup.

3. A sack of sugar.

4. A three-headed dog where the other heads are your hands so you literally can’t do anything.

5. A “game of cat and mouse” would be a better Halloween costume.

These are reversible. I’m sorry.

6. This “Hot Shit” poop costume, because people should know. People should know.

7. A generic detective (plus optional hound).

9. Legitimately any character from Harry Potter.

10. A “Heavenly Devil,” because no one wants to make little devils and angels to influence your decisions over your shoulders anymore.

11. The cast of Duck Dynasty.

12. Your favorite pie. Go crazy!

13. Start a hooplah with a loofah!

15. One of those old-timey sheet ghosts. Bonus points if it’s based off of It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown.

16. Winnie the Pooh in all his glory.


18. This couple costume of PB&J. EVEN THOUGH IT IS HORRIFYING.

19. (Sexy) (Racist) Paula Deen (Riding Things).

20. Any of the illustrious Real Housewives.


21. Any character from Breaking Bad, even though you’re still emotionally affected by the finale.

23. Hannah Montana. Keep it original.

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