Sen. Joe Manchin gets lonely, so very lonely

OK I’ve been fake-tweeting the #Hagel hearings but Joe Manchin FOR REAL just said “I get really lonely sometimes.” New campaign slogan ahoy!

— Ari Voukydis (@AriVoukydis) January 31, 2013

West Virginia Sen. Joe Manchin really did lament his loneliness at Chuck Hagel’s confirmation hearing today. Aww. It’s lonely out there for a red state Dem from the “No Labels” caucus.

Sen. Manchin says he wishes he could have served with Hagel, says it’s sometimes “lonely” to be voting against your party

— Jeremy Herb (@JHerbTheHill) January 31, 2013

Manchin, who sometimes bucks party, says he sometimes feels “lonely” in the Senate and would’ve liked to serve with Lugar.

— Jennifer Epstein (@jeneps) January 31, 2013

Does Manchin not know about Twitter? Here’s an introduction, Senator:

Could someone get Joe Manchin a friend . . or maybe a dog?

— Michael Cohen (@speechboy71) January 31, 2013

Good grief….Could someone please find Manchin a date? He’s having trouble remembering what he’s supposed to be doing right now. #lonely

— Nancy (@RightDame) January 31, 2013

Poor baby-Manchin needs a hug…feels lonely

— Independent Patriot (@LibertysSpirit) January 31, 2013

Sen Joe Manchin is going to ask Hagel for a hug at any moment. Sometimes he feels “lonely”. Holy cow……….

— Lorie (@uubel) January 31, 2013

Joe Manchin feels “lonely”… Tears up while hugging blanky at night

— Patriotic Resistance (@AmericanHawkTPJ) January 31, 2013

The tear-stained blanky is where he hides his emo diary.


#ObamaNeedsFriends: Twitterers offer a glimpse into Obama’s lonely existence

@twitchyteam Like President, like… #Hagel

— Jeryl Bier (@SpeakWithAuthor) January 31, 2013

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