Community Post: 9 Facts You Never Knew About The Author Of The Giver

1. She wrote textbooks.

This textbook was actually the first book Lois published, her novels didn’t come out until later.

2. She likes to knit

Lois Lowry / Via

Seriously. Apparently, knitting is a fun way to spend your winters when you aren’t writing best sellers. She had to stop for awhile this past winter, because she got a kitten that made a huge mess…but she’s back at it!

3. She loves animals.

Lois Lowry. / Via

She owns a dog named Alfie, and has a new kitten to keep him company. This is Lulu…she may or may not be the cat that prevented Lowry’s knitting sessions.

4. She lived in Hawaii as a kid.

Lowry is from Hawaii. Jealous.

5. She’s written several other books.

Lois Lowry wrote more than The Giver. Gathering Blue and Number the Stars are 2 of her better-known works. But she’s written dozens more.

6. She was a photographer

Lois Lowry / Via

Before becoming a writer, Lowry was a photographer. Her photography acts as cover art for some of her books, including this cover for Number the Stars.

7. She lost a sister.

Number the Stars and A Summer to Die are both based on the death of Lowry’s older sister in childhood.

8. She lost a son

The Son, the fourth book in The Giver Quartet, quietly reflects on the loss of Lowry’s son in the air force. Claire, the mother in the story, is emphasized in a way not previously done. Lowry realized only later that she was writing out her own yearnings to have her son back.

9. She likes the movie.

Unlike some authors, Lowry has been eager to see the book adapted for the screen. And she is pleased with the result, especially the added tension between The Chief Elder and the original Giver.

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