Community Post: 22 Struggles For People Who Never Cry

1. People think you’re heartless.

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I’m sorry.

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2. When everyone else is crying, you’re just sitting there nodding sympathetically.

Please believe me, if I could make this any less awkward for myself, don’t you think I would?

3. Just because you aren’t an emotional show-and-tell kind of person doesn’t make you an emotional corpse.

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Fun fact: this is exactly what it feels like when you do try and show-and-tell.

4. In fact, you have feelings too. Deep feelings.

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I apologize for this gif. Not enough to pull it, because I’m making a point, but apology nonetheless.

5. Sometimes, trying to get the tears out seems impossible.

Even though, secretly, we all feel like Rose.

6. In fact, it would just be easier to cry because you would instantly feel better.

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Fun fact: Joss Whedon’s “The Body” (Buffy 5×16) will get you going EVERY TIME.

7. But you can’t, and so you’re stuck sitting quietly, and feeling like a miserable jerk.

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Hands raised if you knew by the headline this would be a picture of Dean Winchester.

8. Sometimes people call you out on it, saying you’re acting cold or that you don’t understand how they’re feeling.

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Just because we don’t process the same way doesn’t mean we don’t process the same things.

9. But you DO understand, it’s just pouring out of your eyes. Instead it’s all swirled up inside of you in a big confusing jumble.

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TBH crying looks pretty fun in comparison.

10. When your friends finish their crying jag, they feel refreshed and better, but you still have to carry that unexpressed emotion in you for hours, even days.

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Like how we carry Firefly with us (because it can’t walk or even crawl anymore…)

11. Goodbyes are the absolute WORST because it’s a massive sob fest while you sit with your arms crossed, smiling weakly.

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How about instead of compliments and tears, we just slap each other awkwardly on the arm and lie about how much we’ll miss each other.

12. Big events like birthdays, weddings, or graduations will have you making awkward jokes or small talk to try to mask your dry eyes.

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And in that moment, I swear, we were all Draco.

13. In fact, reacting to “regular” stimuli seems foreign, and instead of reverting to tears in situations like sadness, pain, or frustration, you go straight to anger.

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Who needs tears when you can inexplicably bite people’s heads off when they try to show love or affection?

14. And then people don’t get why you’re angry, and make you feel bad about it.

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‘K bye.

15. And you’re like “Excuse me, just trying to express my emotions the only way I know how” and then it feels like you’re getting punished for it.

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Also, Tarzan is severely underrated.


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Who said life was fair, where is that written? (RIP Peter Faulk)

17. In fact, it’s stupid, but the only things that bring you to tears are the little things like tv shows, or getting frustrated.

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Everyone knows the only thing better than a 90s movie is an 80s movie.

18. Big sob fests are semi-annual or even annual occasions, which exhaust you for days afterwards.

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Hat tip to all the strong female leads on tv.

19. Your friends, however, can cry at the drop of the hat, just from stress or having a bad day. This sort of makes you jealous.

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Mandatory use of Sloth Meltdown gif.

20. When you DO finally cry in front of people who’ve never seen you do it before, you’re greeted with shock and awe, but not a lot of comfort at first. People have to recover from this alternate reality they find themselves in.

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What do I do…do you want me to touch your arm? I’m going to touch your arm. STOP FREAKING OUT! YOU’RE STRESSING ME OUT!


BBC / Via

Guys? I swear I’ll stop when I can.

22. Because deep down, we’re the same, we just can’t express it.

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Cheers to the people who are made of stone.

Who knows, you might pull a Chandler Bing someday.

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